MED-EX Diabetes & Hypertension Exercise Program

Now accepting individual clients for hypertension class

MED-EX is a safe and effective group exercise and educational lifestyle management program.  This 30 day program includes:

·         Six 75 minute sessions: Each session consists of a 30 minute power point presentation followed by a 45 minute exercise routine.

·         2 Fitness Assessments

·         Personalized, independent exercise program

·         4 week gym membership

·         Workshop Manual

·         Investment - $360


Educational Objectives:

  • Understand how exercise Impacts DM/HTN.

  • Understand DM/HTN in greater detail and how each is measured and diagnosed.

  • Understand long term effects of DM/HTN.

  • Understand medical management of DM/HTN.

  • Understand long-term goals for DM/HTN.



Exercise Objectives:

  • Maintain safe blood glucose levels .

  • Maintain safe blood pressure levels.

  • Develop safe and effective exercise program.

  • Help manage blood glucose levels with exercise.

  • Help manage blood pressure with exercise.

  • Increase strength and cardiorepiratory capacity.

  • Maintain or lose weight.

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