One-On-One Fitness offers the most effective nutritional and weight management program that exists today. The program works on the premise that there is no universal "cure-all" diet. The only successful nutritional plan is the one designed for you…personally. You will learn how we are all different and what YOU must do to lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue.


Your personalized nutritional plan will provide the optimal caloric intake YOUR body requires to run optimally and lose that unwanted body fat while maintaining muscle tissue. Your plan will also stabilize blood sugar levels to avoid feeling hungry or deprived.


Oxidative Rate is essentially the rate at which your body metabolizes the food you eat. Only through oxidative typing can you eliminate nutritional guesswork and feel your best. Your oxidative rate will be determined in your initial consultation and assessment.

The following shows three separate examples of proper food percentages for three different oxidative types

Slow Oxidizer

Mid Oxidizer


Fast Oxidizer


Knowing your oxidative type is also critical as we plan your supplement needs. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the digestion and utilization of food and are also capable of altering the PH of the blood. An effective nutrition and exercise plan must incorporate a properly designed supplementation plan to complement your oxidative type and metabolic requirements.


Cardiorespiratory exercise is essential in order to optimize fat burning. Based on your cardio assessment, an exercise plan will be outlined for you. Your plan will consist of frequency, duration, intensity and mode of exercise. Your recommendation may be an aqua aerobics class, treadmill, stationary bike, circuit weight training or simply going for a walk.


Your personalized program provides weekly ONE-ON-ONE counseling sessions in order to monitor your progress, work through difficulties and provide support and motivation. It is also important to know when to change your exercise program and /or manipulate your caloric intake in order to achieve continued progress.

Before creating a personalized nutritional plan just for you, One On One Fitness will provide you with a comprehensive Fitness Assessment.  In designing a plan that is right for you, your personal trainer will evaluate your blood pressure, resting heart, weight, body fat percentage, body composition analysis, body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio, oxidative typing, and cardiovascular fitness.