Personal Training:  An integrated approach to exercise.

At One on One Fitness we use a personalized and integrated approach to cardio respiratory and resistance training.  Our resistance training incorporates all form to include flexibility, core, balance and reactive training. This system was developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and systematically and successfully progresses any client to any goal.

One-On-One Fitness offers resistance training programs for everyone, from youth to senior fitness. Whether your goal is to increase muscle, improve athletic performance, or reduce body fat, the use of resistance training is an important component.

Prior to beginning a resistance training program, your One-On-One Fitness personal trainer will perform a functional fitness assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to identify improper movement patterns due to muscle imbalances and joint dysfunctions. Nearly all of us have some type of muscular or joint issue that needs to be addressed before beginning any type of resistance training program.