Our Nutrition Program provides you with a personalized nutrition and cardiovascular exercise plan based on your initial fitness assessment and desired goals.  Each of our planned options includes:

  • One hour comprehensive Fitness Assessment*

  • Customized menu plan with the proper caloric intake and percentages of protein, carbohydrate & fat

  • Weekly cardiovascular exercise plan with target heart rate zones

  • Weekly follow-up sessions and ongoing nutritional counseling.

  • Additional  1, 2, or 3 fitness assessments depending on the option you choose

You may choose one of 6 planned options—with or without personal training sessions.


3 Week Plan   


or add 6 personal training sessions



6 Week Plan 


or add 12 personal training sessions



12 Week Plan 


or add 24 personal training sessions


*the one hour fitness assessment is free of charge with the purchase of any plan.